alex nielsen
Alex Nielsen is a sports massage therapist and personal trainer who is qualified in Muscle Testing and Spinal Manipulation.
massage therapist
Christine Nielsen is a pregnancy massage lecturer for the London School of Massage and works in clinics in London and Hertford.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue massage is a great way to release adhesions in the muscles. The pressure focuses on releasing chronic tension held deep within the body

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage focuses on remedial problems such as Back Pain, Shoulder problems, Knee Pain etc. We also use modalities such as muscle testing to test the muscles around the area to check for any weaknesses and then activate them.

Pregnancy Massage

Our Pregnancy massage is performed on a specialised pregnancy massage table where the client can lie on their stomach to take the pressure off their lower back.

What is Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to improve athletic performance but and recovery by using a combination of very fast-paced strokes that includes the following massage modalities: friction, rocking, vibration and stretching to help flush out toxins from the muscle tissue. Sports massage assists in injury prevention and promotes faster recovery from both training and injury.
This particular application of massage and stretch techniques helps to enhance the athlete's performance. It increases range of motion, relieves muscle soreness and improves general wellbeing.
Sports massage is useful to an athelete during pre-event training, post-event and treatment of an injury. Pre-event usually occurs at the performance site. Using strong and fast strokes, blood is moved around the body warming up the muscles. Post-event sports massage is applied after the performance and the intent is to calm the nervous system and reduce recovery time enabling the athelete to get back to training sooner.
After an injury sports massage is used to reduce healing time and make sure no residual fibrous tissue occurs.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. It uses slow and direct pressure on contracted areas of muscle and fascia. This type of massage can alter the composition of body structures such as connective tissue, muscle knots and chronic muscle tension. Longitudinal or transverse friction is applied to the muscle to stretch and also bring blood into the centre of the muscle. Deep Tissue massage utilises fingers, elbows, forearms and fists to get as deep as possible and eliminate adhesions in the musculature.
During a deep tissue massage the client is told to scale the pressure from a 1 to 10 to find out a reasonable and comfortable pressure that is used for the rest of the massage. A painful massage is not something approved in "Massage Muswell Hill" and all massage techniques are done within a comfortable limit of the clients pain endurance.
During a massage, clients have different pain tolerance for different parts of their body, make sure you tell your therapist before or during the massage whether the pressure is comfortable.

What is Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can only be performed by a certified and insured practitioner. Every pregnancy is unique and the massage is tailored for the individuals aches and pains. The pregnancy massage is a gentle massage using gentle flowing effleurage that helps to alleviate some of the ailments such as lower back pain, fatigue and stretch marks. Pregnancy massage increases blood circulation, reduces stress and promotes relaxation.